"I'm from out-of-town and needed strings and a setup on a Gibson ES335. You guys went above and beyond. The strings were replaced and intonation adjusted perfectly. Also, it was determined the stop piece was loose as was the pick guard. Not only was the work perfect, but the price was amazingly fair. If i lived nearby, only Music Stand would work on my guitars." L.T.

"Nice little shindig, if you're in the area no reason not to step in and check it out. Cool, professional, yet chill staff. Wide selection of drums and guitars displayed on the walls. I came in for strings, they helped me pick 'em out, I only had big bills, and i was short in small bills, but they helped me out. I also used to buy drumsticks from this place yearsssss ago before facebook, they always had a wide selection of the top name brands. If you're into music, or looking to get someone into music, I'd trust them and suggest you head over and check it out, I've been into music my whole life and I recommend this local business." T.H.

"This store is amazing. I am from out of town, just visiting my family. I needed a few things for two of my guitars. The staff was so awesome and helpful. Heck I'd move back to Florida just to be close to this music store." J.G.

"The best music store in Charlotte county. There is a reason why they have been here forever, and that reason is quality. Far better and more friendly than that other place across the street." D.C.